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Truck Transportation

Truck Transportation

Gibson Energy is one of the largest crude oil haulers in Western Canada, and is the largest independent for-hire crude hauler in the U.S.

We offer hauling services for crude oil, condensate, propane, butane, asphalt, methanol, molten sulphur, petroleum coke, gypsum, iron calcine, water and drilling fluids to many of North America’s leading oil and gas producers in Western Canada and the U.S.

A large percentage of crude oil and other petroleum products in Canada and the U.S., require transport by truck. Over 60 years, we have developed a reputation for reliable, safe and on-time service delivery, enabling long-term customer relationships with many oil and gas companies. Our large, flexible fleet makes Gibson a “first-call” supplier for moving a wide range of petroleum-based products by truck. The significant scale and strategic locations of our operations allows us to handle logistically complex jobs regardless of volume or destination. We have the flexibility to provide a premium level of transportation service for oil and gas exploration and production companies, refiners, oilfield drilling contractors, road construction companies, and LPG and product marketing companies.

The Truck Transportation segment is integrated within the broader Gibson network of businesses, which gives us the ability to utilize other Company assets for seamless transactions of products for potential customers throughout Western Canada and the U.S. Our fleet of trucks can be dispatched from strategic locations to deliver timely, safe and cost-competitive service throughout the continent.

Chief Hauling

Chief’s operations include three distinct divisions, petroleum coke and gypsum rock. Each area is serviced by specially designed multi-use equipment.

Liquid Bulk

Chief currently operates more than 100 units transporting sulphur in Alberta and British Columbia. Recent equipment additions to this division is a state-of-the-art transloader for transferring molten sulphur into rail cars, which allows improved access to remote locations and more efficient loading than previous methods.

High Density Dry Bulk

Chief's side dump units are used for the transportation of gypsum rock.

Some advantages of Chief's side dumps are:

  • The unit is able to unload where the ground is not level. Normal dump units can become unbalanced and often tip over if they are not on a level surface.
  • In areas of limited overhead clearance, such as mines, material can be unloaded safely. This eliminates damage to lights, power lines, overhead piping, and structural components.
  • Oversized material can be unloaded much easier; on a normal dump unit the tailgate could block the dumping or be damaged.
  • In order to ensure that all requirements are met, Chief also customizes and adapts equipment for unique situations and products.

High Production Low Density Units

Chief's custom designed high volume belly dump units are used to primarily haul petroleum coke.

Canada, Head Office Calgary, AB 403-206-4000
U.S. Trucking Head Office Mesquite, TX 800-722-4127
Chief Main Office Calgary, AB 800-242-3187
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