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Drilling Products

Base Oils

Gibson D822

  • Density = 863 kg/m (7.25 lb/US gal), Flash Point = >97°C (>210°F), Viscosity @ 40°C (104°F) = 4.254cSt, Aniline Point = ~63.4°C (146.1°F), Pour Point = -27°C (-16.6°F)
  • Benzene 0.00%
  • Highly Refined Heavy Distillate
  • Exceeds IRP #14 Criteria
  • Proven drilling performance in harsh winter environments; used extensively throughout North America

Gibson Premium 100

  • Density = 795 kg/m³, Flash Point = 82°C, Viscosity @ 40°C = 1.638cSt, Aniline Point = 76°C, Pour Point = -39°C
  • 0% BTEX
  • Low Toxicity, Highly Refined Hydrotreated Mineral Oil
  • Exceeds IRP #14 Criteria
  • Canada only

Gibson Lite

  • Density: 6.76 - 6.86 lb/USG, Flash Point = 128°F - 140°F, Viscosity @ 104°F 1.538 cSt, Aniline Point = 128°F, Pour Point = -70°F
  • Benzene 0.00%
  • Toluene / Xylene < .004%
  • USA only

Oil Based Mud (OBM)


  • Mixed at our oil based mud plant in Sexsmith, Alberta
  • Custom OBM formulations and oil to water ratios available (e.g., 95:5, 90:10, 85:15, 80:20, 70:30)
  • Improved quality due to heated base oil tanks as well as significant shear generated by our 250HP motor, shear nozzles and circular pit design
  • Consistent quality and product concentrations
  • QA/QC testing is completed on all OBM batches onsite to ensure specifications are met
  • Weighted systems up to 1400 kg/m³ can be provided upon request

Service Offering

OBM Toll Blending – Sexsmith, Alberta

  • Each toll blending customer has full control of all products going into the OBM formulation
  • Customers can specify and/or supply exact products and concentrations to be used and formulated (e.g., base oil, emulsifier, wetting agents, organophillic clays, etc.)
  • Customer owned inventory (sacks and drum material) is stored inside our heated secure building
  • Ability to store and offload full truckloads of OBM materials which improves efficiencies and reduces transportation costs
  • Three rail spurs, plus the ability to offload rail cars of base oil directly into our mix pit, without the use of trucks, which results in significant cost savings vs. other mud plants in the Grande Prairie area
  • Cost-effective option for a customer who is bringing in rail cars of base fluid (e.g, high end mineral oil, synthetics and other specialty oils etc.)
Wellsite Fluids Products & Services

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USA: 855-370-7217