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Completions Products

Frac Oils

Gibson Ultra

  • Density = 795kg/m³, Flash Point = 82°C, RVP = <1.0kPa
  • Tier I, hydrotreated and highly refined pure fracturing fluid, excellent for tight gas formations
  • Superior, robust and predictable frac fluid rheology; ideal for deep, hot and extended pump time fracturing
  • 0.0% BTEX, compliant for environmentally sensitive applications

Gibson Clear

  • Density = 810 - 820 kg/m³, Flash Point = 52°C, RVP = <1.0kPa
  • Tier 1 hydrocarbon fracturing fluid; consistent, clean, predictable and reliable
  • Manufactured from heavy crude oil feedstock and processed at the Gibson Moose Jaw Refinery; adhering to strict QA/QC refinery procedures
  • Excellent fluid rheology, enabling effective fracture dimensions and proppant placement; suited for the most challenging well completions

Gibson CR

  • Density = 815 - 825 kg/m³, Flash Point = 32°C, RVP = <1.0kPa
  • Tier III, blend of Gibson Clear and Gibson RP
  • Alternative to higher priced frac oils

Gibson RP

  • Density = 820 - 835 kg/m³, RVP = <3.0kPa
  • Tier III, reprocessed frac fluid adhering to strict QA/QC
  • Excellent load fluid for tubing perforation applications and holefill
  • Can be used as a diluent in heavy oil production

Frac oil recycling, edson, alberta

Gibsons has a multi-stage patented process recognized in Canada and the U.S. for frac oil contaminant removal.

  • AER “Accredited and Certified Waste Management Site”
  • The entrained light ends which cause high RVP are reduced to industry accepted levels, = 1Psi; production water is removed to levels <0.02%; solids are removed through a unique filtration process to 1 micron absolute (99%+)
  • Stringent QA/QC procedures assure consistent safe reusable product quality. All incoming and outgoing fluid is tested using ASTM methodology
  • Cost-effective way to extend your fracturing fluid supply
  • Significant $/m³ cost reduction compared to new frac oil by reprocessing a customer’s flowback
Wellsite Fluids Products & Services

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