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Wellsite Fluid Products and Services

Wellsite Fluid Products and Services

Wellsite Fluid Products

Offering consistent, high quality fluid products, such as base oil and mud systems for invert drilling, frac oil for completions, and solvent for production, Gibsons has become a supplier of choice in the Canadian oil industry.

Gibsons offers value to our customers by having the ability to manage large fluid inventories while supplying low-cost product through a network of geographically diverse and flexible stock points. Our specialized trucking division is committed to providing safe and timely fluid delivery to a customer location.

Wellsite Services

Frac Oil Recycling, Edson, AB

Our patented frac oil recycling process incorporates a number of proven technologies. The process will meet or exceed industry standards, generating a safe, performance-oriented fluid for continuous application in well completions. Our reclamation plant is an AER registered Waste Management Site. Significant cost savings can be achieved by recycling frac oil, a cost-effective solution to extend fracturing fluid supplies.

Oil Based Mud Facility, Sexsmith, AB

Our Oil Based Mud (OBM) facility provides blending as well as fluid storage and rail car offloading. By offloading base oils directly from rail cars into our mix pit, customers can significantly reduce their logistics and handling costs. Gibsons also maintains a significant inventory of OBM (various oil to water ratios) and can also provide OBM toll Blending Services for companies looking to mix OBM using their own chemical packages, formulations and various base oils. The ability to heat fluids via heated tanks and a glycol heat exchanger in winter months reduces costs and ensures a consistent quality product. We also provide weighted Muds successfully mixed up to 1400 kg/m3.  This provides operators with OBM that is ready to be added directly into the active Mud system upon arrival.  Mixing in our Mud Plant provides HSE benefits as well as a reduction of manpower and material requirements at the rig site.

Wellsite Fluids Products & Services

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