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Natural Gas Liquids

Natural Gas Liquids

We market and transport natural gas liquids (NGLs) and liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs) throughout North America by truck, rail and pipeline.

Natural Gas Liquids are marketed under the names: Gibson Gas Liquids, Gibson Energy U.S., and Gibson Energy Marketing.

Gibsons generally develops term contracts to correspond with the propane heating season in North America. Gibsons also has the supply, storage and distribution infrastructure to custom design supply contracts for any period of time.

In addition to propane supply, we are able to provide term business for transportation services as well as risk management.

Gibsons will provide spot deals for one time, specific need and short-term business as well.

As a reliable supplier of all grades of butane to refineries across North America, we have the capability to meet the butane blending demand for crude oil producers and transporters in Western Canada. Gibsons enters into both long- and short-term storage arrangements in strategic locations across North America to optimize distribution during times of increased demand.

Condensate/Natural Gasoline
Using our extensive rail capabilities, Gibsons purchases and transports condensate and natural gasoline in the U.S. and moves this product into Canada. Gibsons uses its proprietary offload capability in Edmonton to meet diluent demands from heavy oil producers in Western Canada.

Y-Grade/Natural Gas Liquids Mix
Using our fractionation capability, Gibsons purchases raw mix and moves it via truck for processing at Hardisty. The resultant specification products are then moved to various markets throughout Western Canada and the U.S. Gibsons also has the ability to transload raw mix onto rail cars utilizing our transloading assets. This mix is then transported to the U.S. for processing with midstream operators in the major hubs.

Trading and Risk Management
Gibsons provides a number of financial instruments to complement our strategic supply initiatives and help our customers manage their risk.

We offer the following programs:

Our innovative programs are tailored to suit the ever-changing needs of our customers’ business.