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Moose Jaw Refinery

Moose Jaw Refinery

Our Moose Jaw, SK facility refines and markets a variety of petroleum-derived products, including several grades of road asphalt roofing flux asphalt, and wellsite fluid products.

The facility has the capability of processing approximately 19,000 barrels per day of Western Canadian-produced crude oil. The refinery is Western Canada’s largest supplier of roofing flux. It also produces high quality road grade asphalt for Canadian and U.S. markets. Other products include light and heavy distillate and light sour crude oil. The refinery operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and approximately 335 days per year.

From our base in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, we distribute our products by truck, rail and pipelines to markets in both Canada and the United States.


Paving Asphalt

The Moose Jaw Refinery processes over 6.3 million barrels (1,000,000 cubic metres) of crude per year, which produces approximately 2.80 million barrels (445,000 cubic metres) of asphalt. Typical Canadian asphalt grades produced are 85/100A, 150/200A and 200/300A.

The refinery has the capability of processing specific heavy crudes to produce the most demanding and specific Performance-Grade (PG) asphalts for North America.

The facility also manufactures Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA). The refinery is the largest PMA manufacturing facility in Western Canada, and can produce up to 300 ST per day. PMA is a premium grade of asphalt in which elastomeric polymers are added to create paving grade asphalt with enhanced performance characteristics to deal with wide climatic and the corresponding temperature variations, like those in Canada.

Gibsons is also the largest truck transporter of liquid asphalt in Western Canada.


Besides paving asphalts, the Moose Jaw Refinery also produces cutback asphalt.

Cutbacks are a blend of asphalt cement and petroleum solvents (diluent). Upon exposure to atmospheric conditions the diluents evaporate, leaving the asphalt to perform its function of cementing and waterproofing.

The MC (medium-curing) cutbacks are popular for sealant purposes, prime and tack coats, crack filling, and for mixing with gravel for patching holes in pavement.

The SC (slow-curing) cutbacks are used on many rural roads for cold-mix applications.

All MC and SC cutbacks, with the exception of MC 800 and MC 3000, are blended through aromatic in-line blenders directly into tank trucks. The majority of our road asphalt is shipped by tank trucks.

Roofing Flux Asphalt

The refinery produces roofing flux by processing specific Western Canadian crude oil streams. Access to these crude oil streams is paramount, and the ability to batch process allows the refinery to ensure a consistent, predictable, roofing flux material, particularly for the large U.S. market.

Wellsite Fluids

Known for their premium quality and reliability, Gibsons wellsite fluids are marketed through Gibson Energy, which manages the inventory and supply through a network of stock points across Western Canada. The Company’s specialized truck transportation division facilitates quick and safe delivery of these products.

Product List

  • Asphalt Cements:
    - 85-100A
    - 120-150A
    - 150-200A
    - 200-300A
    - 300-400A
    - PG52-34
    - PG58-28
    - PG64-22
    - 120-150B
    - 150-200B
    - 200-300B
  • MC Asphalt Cutbacks:
    - MC 30
    - MC 70
    - MC 250
    - MC 500
    - MC 800
    - MC 3000
  • SC Asphalt Cutbacks:
    - SC 70
    - SC 250
    - SC 800
    - SC 3000
  • Polymer Modified Asphalt:
    - PG58-34
    - PG64-28
    - PG64-34
    - PG70-28
  • Asphalt Roofing Flux
  • Light Straight Run Distillate
  • Heavy Straight Run Distillate
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