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Offshore Environmental Services

Offshore Environmental Services

Our specialized expertise in vessel, tank, boat and barge, drilling rig, production platforms, offshore abandonments and NORM cleaning helps ensure unmatched service and safety. Our single focus – industrial cleaning – enables us to limit our customers’ exposure to hazardous materials. We provide:

  • Agile management team able to adapt operating plans quickly to meet your special requirements
  • Experienced and highly trained field personnel
  • Highest quality and most complete equipment packages
  • Professional equipment maintenance
  • Excellent technical support
  • Focus on waste minimization and cost savings
  • Dedicated HSE management system with commitment from employees
  • Continuously upgraded training and skills development

Our skilled management team has the technical knowledge to make timely tactical decisions and respond to operational problems with immediate solutions – which means less down time to our customers. Our experienced field personnel are specially trained in the use of pressure washers, vacuum units, compressors, pumps, and other industrial equipment. They also receive comprehensive safety training as required by the PEC (Petroleum Education Council) and the U.S. government.

We are strategically located on the Gulf Coast with operations throughout Louisiana’s major port facilities, including Fourchon, Intracoastal City, Morgan City andCameron, and provide a line-up of on-site services to customers throughout the region.


Reverse Osmosis

Gibson’s Reverse Osmosis (“RO”) seawater desalination technology provides an environmentally conscious, cost-efficient solution for offshore operators. Our advanced desalination process recycles seawater and produces clean, clear potable water on site, when you need it – helping you reduce costly delays and supply vessel runs. Our powerful RO units are compactly designed for optimal mobile, offshore deployment. We provide innovation and solutions to minimize operators’ downtime, reduce environmental impacts and help keep you drilling.

Environmental Cleaning - NORM 

Gibson’s CHI, Trussco and Preheat wholly owned subsidiaries are environmental services leaders in the oil and gas industry. Our companies have more than 30 years of successful environmental cleaning project management. We have built an impeccable reputation for reliability and safety. Our expertise helps customers eliminate potential liabilities, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce downtime.

With facilities in all of Louisiana’s Gulf of Mexico ports, we provide a wide breadth of service capability to meet your environmental cleaning needs.

Dockside Cleaning (NORM)

Gibson’s NORM decontamination facility, located in Intracoastal City, Louisiana, provides dedicated oilfield equipment decontamination services for all production, drilling, and drilling mud-contaminated equipment, including piping and vessels. The facility is equipped with two decon slabs, a high-pressure water blasting unit used for lance tubing, a pipe cleaning unit with range III rigid lance rail (40psi and decontamination ID and OD piping from two inch to 20 inch ID and OD), and a closed-loop vacuum system. The facility’s access to road and bulkhead accommodates loading and unloading to and from land or offshore. It is open seven days a week to meet customers’ stringent NORM requirements.

  • Surveying
  • Decontamination
  • Sampling
  • Waste minimization
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Full-service NORM facility
  • Tubular cleaning

Rig Pit Cleaning

Gibson is an industry leader in oilfield, commercial and industrial cleaning services. Our skilled crews provide efficient services that minimize downtime and optimize rig performance. Our services include:

  • Flex lancing
  • Fill line
  • Drain line
  • Suction/discharge line
  • Complete mud system cleaning: shakers, sand traps, ditches and tanks

Dockside Automated Cleaning (ATLANTIS)


Gibson’s Automated Land-Based Technology-Integrated System provides technologically advanced automated cleaning for supply vessels operating in the Shelf and Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. ATLANTIS uses mechanical cleaning devices for high-volume, high-pressure water flow. The ATLANTIS chemical process transforms mud into slurry for easy pumping. The ATLANTIS recycling process separates waste for environmentally efficient disposal. Our ATLANTIS facility sets a new standard in automated cleaning that is safer, more cost efficient, and environmentally sensitive.


Automated Cleaning Service (IMPACT™)

Gibson’s IMPACT system provides a safe, cost efficient, environmentally conscious alternative for tank and vessel cleaning. Our unique process takes solid buildup and removes it mechanically using the vessel’s pressure. This method allows sand and solids to settle to the vessel bottom and prevents suspension into the fluid pad. See how IMPACT works: Introducing IMPACT.

  • Mechanically removes solid build up with assistance of the vessel’s pressure. Keeping sand and solid profile at the vessel bottom prevents solids suspension into the fluid pad.
  • Induction lines introduce polished, produced fluids back into the vessel to remove solids.
  • Generates zero fluid waste.
  • Customers retain 100 percent of vessels’ function.
  • Drastically reduces exposure to Confined Space Entry hazards.
  • Increases customers’ production efficiency.

There are inherent risks associated with confined-space entry. Stringent safety guidelines can help protect employees, but cannot completely eliminate the increased risks of hazardous work environments. The IMPACT cleaning system eliminates confined-space entry exposure.


Facility maintenance can be a significant cost; shutting in production in the Gulf of Mexico can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. The IMPACT system is able to extract solids from all low-pressure applications, including separators, skimmers and heater treaters, without the need to shut in the production facility.

The Environment

Gibson is committed to improving environmental efficiencies and reducing environmental impacts. IMPACT mechanically removes solid waste using the vessel’s operating pressure and existing internal fluid. Induction lines reintroduce polished fluid back into the production stream. This process greatly reduces and may even eliminate fluid waste.

Mobile Cleaning (ATLANTIS-M)

The ATLANTIS-Mobile cleaning package provides technologically advanced automated cleaning for deepwater supply vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. ATLANTIS Mobile technology uses high volume, high pressure water flow to transform mud into slurry for easy pumping and separates waste for environmentally efficient disposal.

  • Level controlled safety systems
  • Cleans two liquid mud tanks and final cleans two additional tanks simultaneously
  • Reduces cleaning duration by up to 60% over conventional cleaning methods
  • Reduces confined space entry time by up to 80%
  • Reduces crew size and fatigue factor
  • Cost and environmentally efficient waste disposal
  • Self contained
  • Small dock footprint
  • Easily deployed to location

Engineered to operate safely, ATLANTIS-Mobile features level-controlled safety systems. The ATLANTIS-Mobile package reduces confined space entry time by up to 80% and reduces crew size and associated fatigue factor.


The self-contained ATLANTIS-Mobile system is able to clean two liquid mud tanks and final clean two additional tanks simultaneously. Automated cleaning reduces cleaning duration by up to 60% over conventional cleaning methods.

The Environment

Environmentally sensitive waste disposal is also cost efficient.


Rig Vacs

A clean work environment is a safe work environment in the offshore industry. Our explosion-proof and diesel-driven vacuum units provide thorough cleaning of excess drilling mud and debris from rig floors and drilling decks.

  • Explosion-proof units
  • 480 volts, 240 volts
  • Diesel-driven units
  • Ease of operation
  • 24-hour service
  • Expert staff
  • Large inventory of replacement parts
  • 24-hour delivery
Compac Vacs

Our Compac-Vac portable, compact vacuum system provides exceptional cleanup for everyday liquid spills and in emergency situations. The Compac-Vac does not require electricity – which is useful in situations where electricity is limited or not available. Operating at an inlet air pressure of 100 psi at 100 cfm and with discharge capabilities of 10 psi up to 30 feet vertically, the Compac-Vac is the machine of choice for small and larger jobs.

  • 200 cfm at 16” of hg.
  • Operating air inlet pressure is 100 psi at 100 cfm
  • Tank discharge option, 10 psi up to 30’ vertically
  • Includes a 2” aluminum wand
  • Includes 25’ of 2” flexhose
  • Includes 50’ of 3” discharge hose
  • Dimensions are 3’ wide x 2’ long x 5 ½’ tall
  • Tank capacity is 55 gallons
  • Weight is 600 lb.
Pressure Washers

Light, medium or heavy duty; we have the right tools for your job.

Light Duty

Sioux cold-water pressure washers are ideal for lighter cleaning jobs such as rinsing off dirt, mud and dust. They are excellent for vehicle and grounds maintenance and cold-water cleaning applications. These units are easy to operate since they require no conventional fuels or exhausting, and very little maintenance.

High Pressure

Sioux high-pressure units are great for demolishing encrusted dirt, mud or heavy films from equipment and plant facilities. Choose from caster, wheelbarrow, skid or stationary mountings. Units are available with electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine. Electric cold-pressure washers can be built to explosion-proof specifications for use in hazardous areas. Units feature sealed, cast-aluminum enclosure with galvanized steel conduit. All electrical components are explosion-proof. Explosion-proof cold-pressure washers can be built to Class 1, Group C or D specifications.

Dakota Series

Sioux Dakota Series hot-water pressure washers are certified to UL 1776 and CAN/CSA-B140.M-189. They comply with OSHA 1910.399 regulations, and are third-party certified by NRTL to protect your employees, your company and yourself. Certified equipment helps protect against OSHA fines and possible litigation. The Dakota Series is approved for indoor and outdoor use, which gives you greater flexibility for all your applications. Improved coil designs allow total draining of vertical coil. Tilting coil allows easier burner adjustment and maintenance. Their high efficiency and lower fuel usage will save you money.

Other Services

Painting and Blasting

When it comes to painting and blasting, Gibson’s CHI and Trussco divisions have you covered. From platform painting and blasting to fireproofing, floor coatings, lead abatement, and more, CHI and Trussco have the experienced project managers and expert personnel to cover all your needs. Our supervisors have more than 10 years of offshore coatings experience. We offer a complete suite of preparation methodologies, including sandblasting and water blasting. We also provide turnkey paint maintenance programs and high-performance coatings application.

As with all our services, safety is a key component. We provide the safest conditions and equipment for all employees to reduce the possibility of accident occurrence. To ensure the highest safety standards are met, we perform Job Safety Assessments (JSA) before every workday.

Metal Stress Relieving

Our stress-relieving services include large and small ovens at facilities in Carencro and Belle Chasse, La. The internal dimensions of the large furnace allow heat-treating of large vessels or several items simultaneously. The furnace is heated by high-velocity gas burners at over 350 m.p.h., producing extremely even heat distribution.

Our PC-based stress-relieving control system, designed for our fleet of mobile stress-relieving units, offers extreme versatility. It offers two ramps of ascent to soak temperature, soak temperature and duration and two ramps of descent. It can simultaneously heat-treat up to 24 welds using two totally unique, operator-programmed heat cycles in any combination.

We also provide a complete line of high-quality heat-treating supplies, including:

  • Beads
  • Camlock connectors
  • TC plugs
  • Wire
Wellhead Installation

Gibson’s Preheat division provides wellhead services to a broad client base that includes all major domestic and international exploration and production companies. We have installed tens of thousands of wellheads in the Gulf Coast and beyond. Our technicians are highly skilled in new wellhead installation and in onsite emergency response, including assessment and remediation. We preheat, weld and test as part of our standard installation procedure; nitrogen and hot-oil testing save valuable time during the installation. Preheat also provides post-weld stress relieving, as necessary, according to pipe grade. All our technicians are AWS D1.1 certified and come well-equipped to complete your job promptly and cost-efficiently. Offshore, on land or on inland barge, our experienced technicians will get you up and running.

Our services include:

  • AWS D1.1 certified technicians
  • Offshore/onshore/inland barge installations
  • Nitrogen and hot oil testing
  • Beveling bands and crawlers available
  • Removal of stuck test plugs and tubing hangers
  • Emergency response
  • Technicians come with preheat box and all equipment
Spar Hull Inspections

Annual U.S. Coast Guard inspections ensure compliance with federal regulations and help operators in the Gulf of Mexico protect the health and safety of their crews, their property and the environment. Gibson’s Trussco Division is skilled in all phases of regulatory inspection management. From pre-inspection preparation to post-inspection follow-up, we help you get through the inspection process safely and successfully.

Pre-inspection preparation:

  • Opening man waves
  • Setting up ventilation
  • Checking for hidden gases

During inspection:

  • Our team will be instrumental during the walkthrough to make sure all safety measures are being followed.


  • Our team will work safely and diligently to complete any tasks outlined by the USCG and/or ABS. Annual Coast Guard inspections do not have to be an arduous process. Gibson can provide planning, communication and supervision to keep the process on schedule without interfering with other platform activities.