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Fluid Services

Gibsons Fluid Services


Drilling Fluids

Our high-quality, specially designed compounds and mixtures are formulated to meet customers’ specific drilling conditions. With a combined total of more than 60 years’ experience, our fluid service veterans have comprehensive expertise in unconventional oil and gas plays, including the Gulf Coast’s polemical Austin Chalk reservoir.

The Gibsons Advantage

We specialize in providing large quantities of quality pre-mixed liquid mud when you need it. Our plants are manned 24 hours a day. Our extreme customer-centered focus helps ensure that our service is fast, accurate, efficient and reliable.

Products and Services

  • Drilling fluids
  • Chemicals
  • Storage
  • Mixing
  • Fluid pumping
  • Fluid trucking
  • Recycling
  • Tank cleaning
  • Disposal


Completion and Workover Fluids/Mixing

Operators in sophisticated tight sands and shale plays know the importance of having a reliable source for completion fluids. We produce specialized completion and stimulation fluids from four strategic locations in and around the prolific shale regions in south central and southeast Texas.

Mobile Mixing Units

Our new mobile mixing units help you maximize coil tubing drill-out operations. Units include a closed-loop solids control system, which allows workover fluid to be cleaned and maintained simultaneously during workover operations in lost circulation zones. This functionality will help increase production from horizontal wells that have declined over time and are subject to more difficult cleanout operations.

Coupled with our completion fluid expertise, the new mixing units offer exceptional value by providing turnkey chemicals and completion fluid services in real-time working conditions of complex drill-out and workover processes. Our mixing representatives have advanced chemical knowledge and proficiency to effectively respond to immediate changes in well conditions.

Additionally, customers rely on our expertise in fracturing design and our thorough knowledge of stringent quality control requirements for various fluid designs. We help our customers maximize production returns.
Whether your operations require specialized sodium chloride, potassium chloride or calcium chloride, we can provide a complete line of customized solutions to meet your needs.


  • 2%-24% KCL
  • 2%-26% NaCl
  • 10 lb Brine
  • 11.6 Calcium Chloride

Our 26% NaCl is formulated from sodium chloride that we extract from our own salt dome. This gives us a virtually unlimited natural inventory and allows us to provide customers with competitive pricing for our superior product. Depending on formation sensitivity, Gibsons can be your single-source completion fluid provider. We are especially attuned to new formation requirements in developing areas of the oil and gas industry today.

Drilling: Dan Keen | Completion: Ralph Griswold  fluidsinfo@gibsons.com979-542-7000 - Drilling
979-693-7687 - Completion
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