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Waste Management

Waste Management

Gibsons treats, processes and disposes of oil and gas, and industrial waste streams.

Our waste management facilities can process all types of oil and gas wastes in an efficient, convenient and environmentally sustainable manner. A combination of processing technology, heat, time and pressure is used to separate these waste streams into three components: water, solids and oil.

  • Water is clarified and filtered to the micron level before deepwell disposal.
  • Solids are dried out, analyzed against acceptance criteria and transported to an industrial waste landfill for disposal.

Oil is also recovered from processing waste and solids. The quality of this oil is dependent on the percentage of solids and water mixed with it. The oil is then treated to meet standard crude specifications and delivered to the pipeline.

Gibsons oil and gas waste receiving, processing and disposal facilities are located in and around major producing fields and new development areas. The facilities are easily accessible from major roadways, reducing the wear and tear associated with off highway travel. We pride ourselves on improving truck turn-around times to help in reducing the overall cost to our customers.

Our waste management services include:

  • Oil and Gas Waste Processing
  • Industrial Waste Processing
  • Water/Waste Disposal
  • Waste Oil Recovery

Typical oil and gas waste streams include:

  • Produced water
  • Completion water
  • Workover fluids (frac fluids included)
  • Drilling fluids and muds (all types)
  • Waste from spills